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What would the miners lamp become after the impact test?

Author: Source: Date:2021-09-15 16:46:32

What would the miners lamp become after the impact test?

Impact resistance is one of the many factors that the customers consider for the miner cap lamps. A lamp with higher impact resistance can have longer lifespan while using in underground mine. Now we are going to test our Golden Future mining lamp, and see what the lamp will become after the test. See below video of the falling ball impact test:



Impact testing is used to test the impact resistance of housing and transparent parts.

①Test require: each plastic part needs to pass the 20J impact test

②Test height: 2 meters

③Test equipment: falling ball impact equipement

④Test result: The plastic part can bear 20J impact test without any damage. (1kg hammer dropping from 2 meters height)

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